March 28th, 2017

Your food choices are the single most important factor with regards to health; in fact nutrition helps you combat obesity, chronic disease, inflammation and keeps your performance at its highest levels.  This is regardless if your goals are chasing your kids or competing in the Olympics


There is no “magic bullet” with nutrition goals – success requires consistent dedication to a plan.  All the 4 week cleanse/detox/fad diets etc. have been shown to be consistently ineffective at sustainably keeping people healthy and lean.  They don’t teach you to manage your day-to-day food preparation in a way that is sustainable. Learning to prepare meals ahead of time is essential to setting yourself up for success.  If you always have food prepared, you can never be caught hungry, prone to making bad choices.


Long-term, sustainable nutrition plans require meal prep on a consistent basis.  Sunday’s for instance are a great day to spend shopping, and cooking – make it a family affair or get together with a friend and work on meals for one another.  Buy a crock pot, cook 4lbs of pulled chicken and add it to Tupperware with your veggies, and healthy fats.  Try to vary your meals to keep things interesting, try new recipes and enjoy the cooking process.  In our house, we make it a family day and always have lots of fun experimenting!


Your health is important, it deserves constant attention!  To get started you just let’s work together to stop making excuses and start cooking.  Some great recipes that we use regularly can be found here.  There is an incredible amount of resources online for great healthy and delicious recipes.


Also if you  would like to learn more sign up for our Nutrition Presentation on April 8th and 9th at noon here.  We will be answering questions and presenting a completely revamped seminar based on the best science backed data.  .  We will also be debuting our new Nutrition 101 stewardship and accountability programs for anyone interested in hands-on support as they work on nutrition!