May 4th, 2017
Olympic weightlifting is a complicated beast that takes months to learn and nearly a lifetime to master. To understand the mastery involves dedicated sessions that may include mobility work, strength training and yes, even body building at times. The problem, however, when trying to fully better ones’ self in the sport of weightlifting becomes exacerbated when taught in the realm of something like Crossfit which concentrates on multiple aspects of athleticism including weightlifting but not focused on it. Hence, the potential to hit a plateau may occur in not improving on either strength or technique in the sport; both in which are huge aspects. That’s where I can add value as a weightlifting coach.

In my family, I come from a long line of teachers and as a coach, my job is no different from theirs. My job as a weightlifting coach is to not only help you get stronger but to educate on all of the intricacies of weightlifting, such as how the body moves during the lift and how it utilizes of both vertical and horizontal forces to help control the bar path in order to guarantee a successful lift, as shown in the picture below.

Snatch Bar Path

Having learned from such renowned coaches such as Coach Jianping Ma of Ma Strength who teaches techniques utilized by the greatest Olympic Weightlifting athletes in China, I can now help educate you in both improving your technique as well as give you a great foundation in the future using our upcoming Snatch Series. The series will go over the Snatch itself and will not only help improve your technique on it but will also help develop a base strength in the overhead position as well as strength from the floor. This will not only help in weightlifting itself but will pay dividends in Crossfit WODs that include either Snatches (like our dear friend 17.3 in this year’s Crossfit Open), as well as the Clean and Jerk.

You can sign up for the series here, and as always, happy lifting!

-Coach Joe