We are introducing a small-group focused gymnastics series at CFTC. The goal of this series is to present advanced skill / strength concepts for those who wish to progress their gymnastics strength. Our first series will complement our pulling strength series by introducing levers to our training. The focus will on body levers (dragon flag), front lever progressions, back lever progressions, and side lever (flag) progressions. Aside from looking cool, levers combine straight-arm, core, and lat strength in a neat isometric package.  Levers have tremendous carryover to other aspects of our CFTC training, such as improved core stability during squats, overhead stability due to improved scapular strength, improved pulling strength, and more. Much of this program will rely on tactile feedback and partner spotting. To master body levers you will need to pay close attention to your body position in space. A smaller class format lends itself this type of training as well as partner based work.

This is an advanced level series and there are prerequisites in order to sign up.  You must be able to perform:

  1. 10 toes to bar (preferably strict)
  2. 15 second L-sit on parallettes
  3. Have 5 strict form pull up (not chin up)

The class will meet on Saturdays (6/9-7/14) and run 75 minutes in length. There will be a limit of 4 people.  Homework will be assigned to fully maximize the benefit of the series.

If you are interested, please reach out to Coach Shaun at Shaun@tricitiescrossfit.com

Spaces will be extremely limited, if you are interested reach out ASAP!