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Alcohol Series – Part 2

Poolside beers… maybe the best type of beer. Sun is out, friends around, floating weightlessly without a care. Or maybe you’re on the patio under some shade, enjoying the breeze and your favorite brew. Reality is that most of us can conjure up our favorite memory or activity and there is a drink somewhere within that image.

We are all about balance here, so we are not going to slap your hand every single time you have a beer. But there are some facts that are worth mentioning as it relates to your health and consumption of the latest triple-hop smash-blood orange-death dragon- IPA you picked up from the local brewery:

  1. Weight Gain – That is right, the dreaded beer gut is not a myth. That IPA is likely to carry 150-200 calories with 13-20g carbs in a single beer. Have yourself a few of those and that balance we are striving for is gone & your daily macro breakdown is next to shot!
  1. Studies have shown that beer consumption can hinder muscle growth and recovery. Too many too often, Goodbye #gains.
  1. Not to mention, there are more significant effects like increased risk of cancer, liver disease, depression, and more.

So, yes, the negative impact of consistently indulging in a 6-pack can rear its head in a few different ways. But we are realistic, believe in balance, and, too, love a good beer. How do we make it all work?

  1. Light Beer – Light beer carries about half the calories and half the carbs. Maybe have one full flavored beer but switch it up to the lighter side after your first. Conserve calories and socialize responsibility
  1. Never drink on an empty stomach – Since beer is carb heavy, we should be planning around those tailgates or pool parties. Example – I know that on Saturday I am going to darty (day party = darty) at a friend’s house. We will drink. For breakfast, I am going to focus on heavy protein intake because I know those drinks won’t get me anywhere in that regard. And, not to mention, that if I am full or my stomach feels satisfied, I am less likely to drink entirely too much.

Its summer enjoy a beer. You can enjoy yourself, your social events, and your favorite beverage while also keeping your nutritional goals in focus.


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