Journey – Amy

Permission to Try By A Middle of the Pack Madge   I have been all over the place with my fitness over the years.  Whether I was a kid sweating it out to Jane Fonda tapes with my mom in our living room or waving to my own children from the marathon course, I’ve...

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Gymnastics with Coach Shaun – Wall Walks

For the final week, we are going to work on wall walks. Wall walks are an excellent introduction in developing a solid handstand. Wall walks will develop strength in the shoulders, upper traps, middle traps, arms, and wrists. Since we are using a wall as support,...

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Journey – Week 4 – Melissa

Growing up, I played sports – and just to be clear – when I say I “played” sports – I was on the teams; but was never a star athlete. But I always enjoyed being active and being on the teams with my friends. So, it was Softball, Basketball, Volleyball and Track...

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Weightlifting Weekly-Speed

During your journey as weightlifter you will be inundated with new verbiage, squats, uncomfortable positions, lots of heavy weight, squats, kilos, platforms, squats, and maybe even some fun.  As you try to process the new positions you are meant to contort into, you...

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Gymnastics with Coach Shaun

Straight Arm Strength This week let’s discuss straight arm strength. Straight-arm work is more unique to gymnastics and calisthenics and is trained much less frequently, if at all.  For this week, we are going to work on the L-sit and L-sit progressions. Most think of...

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Journey – Week 3 – Kayla

  I started my CrossFit career about 5 years ago in Batavia. I never took it seriously but for some reason I made it into a class almost every day. I was immediately fascinated by the things I was able to do. I walked in on one of my first days there and strung...

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Weightlifting Weekly, The Meet

Weightlifting Weekly, The Meet. Welcome Back to Weightlifting Weekly!  After an awesome meet this past weekend we are back.  This week we are going to talk about the culmination of our training efforts.  The weightlifting meet.  For the purposes of this article, since...

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Journey – Week 2 – Angelina

I grew up a mile from the beach in Boca Raton, Florida with 4 brothers, my mom and step dad. I was either playing in the sand, out on my parents boat or in a gym rehearsing some kind of routine. I was tan, energetic and stick skinny. It was a combo of genetics and...

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