Clean & Jerk Weightlifting Series

The Clean and Jerk are two great barbell lifts, that when combined, allow us to lift substantial weight overhead.  Both lifts are technically demanding but when done well, allow for some truly great feats of strength.  Over 6 weeks, we will be finding out where we can...

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The Athlete Coach

Our coaches at Tri-Cities have a unique strength in that they coach from experience. Our coaches can lead athletes down tried and true paths to success, which they discovered as they pursued their own fitness goals. In every industry the drive to blaze new trails is...

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Journey – Patrick

Illinois is not my native land, but since Megan and I have been married this is the longest we have lived in any one place, coming up on two years in August. Megan and I came to Illinois with a six month old baby boy, Brooks, so that i could begin graduate school at...

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Journey – Sara

In 2014, I walked into Crossfit Tri-Cities looking for direction. I was seeking some sort of guidance to help me become a better version of myself. I wanted to be strong - not skinny, lift things, and feel powerful. I just didn’t know how. My friend, Katie Gleason,...

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Spring Gymnastics Wrap Up

Spring Gymnastics Wrap Up Another gymnastics series has wrapped up and there was no shortage of strength gains.  So, a few shout outs are due. Katy Schulz had strong improvement in all three tests.  Ring rows increased from 11 to 15, pushups increased from 13 to 17,...

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Don’t Rain On My {Gains} Parade

DON’T RAIN ON MY GAIN PARADE It was time for a change. I needed to put my health first. Like most people, we all do this with New Years resolutions, but this year it is deeply personal to me. My dad suffered a massive stroke last September and it really shook me to my...

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Journey – Amy

Permission to Try By A Middle of the Pack Madge   I have been all over the place with my fitness over the years.  Whether I was a kid sweating it out to Jane Fonda tapes with my mom in our living room or waving to my own children from the marathon course, I’ve...

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Gymnastics with Coach Shaun – Wall Walks

For the final week, we are going to work on wall walks. Wall walks are an excellent introduction in developing a solid handstand. Wall walks will develop strength in the shoulders, upper traps, middle traps, arms, and wrists. Since we are using a wall as support,...

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