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Christy’s Journey!

 The largest challenge I had before the nutrition program was meal planning and preparation.  I never invested much time into planning out my weekly meals and then having them readily available.  This often led to selecting unhealthy quick carbs or hitting the drive through with the family. 

The accountability of the nutrition challenge helped keep me focused and provided support throughout the month.  Sharing meals gave me new meal options to look forward to making.

I’ve tried lots of different weight loss options like South Beach, Keto and Paleo diets.  All have worked for a very short time and without fail the weight has come right back.  The nutrition challenge is not a fad but a lifestyle change that is sustainable.   It provides you with an overall knowledge base about making healthy options, how to track your intake and even allows for some flexibility.  This non-rigid method allows me to enjoy what I eat and not feel guilty about splurging now and again.  

Although I had not taken measurements during the nutrition challenge, I went against my comfort level and did take the weekly selfies.  Honestly, had I not done that, I would not have thought it was making a difference because the number on the scale barely changed.  What I did notice change was the inches around my waist (where I carry all my weight).  

Since the nutrition challenge, I feel that I have a better understanding of the importance of carbohydrates and balancing them with fats and protein.  I understand the significance of hydration and overall can plan and execute meals that are well balanced and sustaining for my whole family.  I know the journey will continue but I now look forward to the ride. 

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