Ratio’s in Weightlifting

Good morning everyone and welcome back to weightlifting weekly after a holiday hiatus.  I hope everyone was good and Santa brought the freshest lifting gear because it is time to talk improvement.  In weightlifting there are ratios between each lift that can be...

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Making the Comeback

You were on track, working out 2-5x a week.  Eating well, happy with the direction your health and fitness was heading or in some cases, FINALLY heading.  Then, WHAAM!  Holidays, kids got sick, work started kicking your ass, your back hurt, etc.  Suddenly all the...

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Weightlifting Weekly. The Jerk

Hey weightlifters and weightlifting enthusiasts! Have you ever had a day where the pulls are feeling great, squats are moving fast, but the bar just won’t settle overhead? You are not alone. This week we will be focusing on the Jerk. The jerk is arguably the most...

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Kipping Gymnastics Clinic

It’s December and for many of the us, the open is fast approaching. We want to make sure our athletes are well prepared for the upcoming competition. For those of you that have participated in our gymnastics series, you know the focus is building bodyweight strength...

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Weightlifting Weekly 5- Hook It

Lift Power Ouput in Watts Snatch 1st Pull 2173 Snatch 2nd Pull 3634 Clean 1st Pull 2123 Clean 2nd Pull 3475 Bench Press 300 Back Squat 1100 Deadlift 1100 *The numbers is the table above are sourced from 1) USA Weightlifting Club Coach Manual. USA Weightlifting....

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Don’t Be a Martyr, Be The Sacrifice

We all have someone who talks about how tough they have it. It can either be through a social media post, or how their day went when you chat with them, but it is always there. It may not be outright complaining, though there is plenty of that. I am referring to the...

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Weightlifting Weekly 3: Some Do Not’s

Welcome back gang.  With this third installment of weightlifting weekly, we are going to keep it real.  I have several pet peeves with weightlifters, and I think it would be better to be upfront and transparent with all my awesome readers. Please understand that I am...

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Don’t Be Your Own Worst Critic

Just last month I asked the coaches here at CrossFit Tri-Cities to share a story about someone who inspires them.  While they were all excellent, one coach brought up two of our very own members.  Without putting the spotlight on them, I will simply say they are...

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