Don’t Save the World Today

Have you ever compared yourself to someone else, got discouraged, and stopped whatever it is you were trying to accomplish?  An example, I want to lift heavier weights.  I go to the gym, see someone younger, maybe more handsome, maybe less experienced, lifting more...

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Journey Before Destination

I only need to lose 10 more pounds." "The next promotion will be the one." "I will run a 6min mile." "I want that (insert thing here)." Do any of the above look familiar?  We have all heard and probably said something to the effect.  Having goals is a great thing.  It...

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Strength Before Weakness

Being Physically Strong is a great attribute to have for several reasons.  It makes day to day tasks easier, it can make you more resilient, paired with good nutrition it can be aesthetically pleasing.  It also helps shape a positive mindset. While some people are...

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Life Before Death (Be Grateful Everyday)

Life Before Death: Simply put this means gratitude.  If you woke up tomorrow with only the things you were thankful for today, how would that change your life?  It is very easy to lose perspective in the everyday hustle of modern life.  What we once struggled or...

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Post Summer Blues?

Summer has ended and the sweats are coming back out.  As we send our kids back to school and prepare for another midwest winter, we may think that this is the time.  Maybe we didn't have a summer body we wanted.  Maybe we had great intentions for the summer but kids...

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5am Is the Only Reasonable Time to Work Out

By now you have likely heard that successful people are notorious early risers. Years ago, you could have NEVER sold me on the idea. Until life changed. I became a mom and wife and suddenly so many more responsibilities in life bedsides for showing up at work at 9AM....

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The Goal Is Progress

In our pursuit of health and fitness it is easy to get bogged down and feel defeated.  Anything that demands consistency and slow, steady progress can at times feel impossible.  The 2 steps forward one step back approach can be very frustrating, not rewarding and...

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Is Going Keto Right For You?

  You might have heard some friends, or have seen  keto inspired products over the past few months. Today we will go over the basics about keto, pros and cons, and see if it will work for you in the long run. What is the keto diet? The keto diet is considered a low...

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