It taps into the social, emotional and developmental capabilities of each child.  It’s not just burpees and box jumps. It is problem solving, confidence boosting and socializing.  I’ve created an environment for kids to feel comfortable and have fun while training.


Whether your child plays multiple sports or is constantly on the go, fueling their body is essential for reaching its maximum potential. Throughout Kids Unplugged, I will be discussing nutrition so that kids are aware of what gives their body the energy to keep scoring goals or running up the slide on repeat.  Working hand in hand with CFTC’s nutrition coach, Kayla Pollock, MSRDN (Completion 2020), your child will learn developmentally appropriate information on what to eat pre/post training or sporting events etc. It is not about counting calories or tracking macros.  Kayla’s approach to simplifying nutrition for kids will set them up for success in the kitchen, on the field or in the gym.

My goal is to establish healthy fitness and nutrition habits starting with the Kids Unplugged holiday session and extending into a year-round program. I’ve learned from the best to bring you the best!

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Coach Sara
Brand X Professional Youth Coach


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