Why we should all emphasize compound functional movements.

We emphasize Compound Functional Movements and use them as the core of our strength program.  These include Squatting, Hinging, Pressing and Pulling.  These movements are unique in their ability to move large loads safely and effectively.  This allows us to create a great training stimulus to maximize our time in the gym.  These movements require a strong midline, many muscle groups, great nervous system adaptation and mental fortitude.  They also can increase mobility, burn more calories, keep our metabolism higher for longer and are unmatched in their ability to produce force (Outside the Olympic lifts and there variants).  Some quick reasons why you should love compound movements:

  • Most bang for your buck at the gym. We have a limited amount of time to train, use it wisely.
  • They are movements we do everyday, they will make us resilient, keep us independent and have a very manageable learning curve.
  • Can be done with varying intensities for varying experience levels and still be very effective.
  • Unmatched in training stimulus to cause muscular and neurological adaptations in the body to make us stronger and faster
  • They are fun and empowering. This one is big, if training isn’t fun, why are we doing it.

Try adding Squats, Deadlifts, different press variants as well as vertical and horizontal pulling exercises in your routine.  A great place to start is 5 sets of 8 reps.  Use a weight where you move consistently well for all 8 reps but feel the challenge of the weight.  Happy Lifting!