Help Holding Yourself Accountable

If I asked you right now, you would be able to tell me at least one or two short term and long-term goals.  If I asked you again 12 months from now, would you have achieved them?  I hope so and wish you the best!  But if you are like me and many others, we have struggled to reach certain goals before.  Whether they be health and fitness related, business related, or even emotionally tied.  We make grand plans to achieve success, and then life or more accurately ourselves get in the way.

We can make ourselves more successful by realizing that we need constant accountability.  Many of our big goals are not easy.  If they were we wouldn’t care about achieving them.  An example is having a six pack.  No quick fix works, if it did, everyone would have a six pack.  If everyone had one, no one would really care about getting one.  Since we acknowledge our goals will take effort and hard work we need to take steps in achieving them.

  • Visualize Success. What will happen when you reach your goal?  How will you feel?  Who will be impacted by it?  Why is it important.  Really feel it.
  • Make a measurable plan. Whatever you choose to do, find ways to objectively measure it.  Using my example above, most men will see their abs around 8-12% body fat, woman will see their abs around 10-16%.  With these objective measurements we can make progress points which will make our goal achievable in more manageable steps.  If I am 20% Body fat, I can work on getting to 17, then 14, and then 11 which would put me at a six pack.  This brings me to an important concept
  • Success breeds motivation, not the other way around. Find the small wins and appreciate them.  You can’t get anywhere without taking the first step.  Celebrate your progress points and keep up the awesome work.  These points will motivate you to continue, even when the going gets tough.  When those fail, remember 1, your why.
  • Make a schedule. Doing the same things on the same days will help you change your routine.  Whether that be food prep on Sundays, working out at 5a, etc.  Don’t fly by the seat of your pants, it is much more difficult and will add stress to this already difficult process.
  • Lastly, reviewing your goals at set intervals, ideally intervals you set previously. Maybe this is monthly for a short-term goal, or quarterly for a long-term goal.  Sitting down and staring face to face with your progress may not be fun, but it will let you know if you are heading in the right direction.  Fear of failure is paralyzing, not wanting to admit we aren’t as close as we want to be is completely normal.  Sit down, face where you are and adjust your plan accordingly to continue making progress.  Without this reevaluation you cannot know if things are moving closer or further from your goal.

Our goals are worth achieving and they are worth working hard for.  Don’t put it off and don’t coast through them.  Spend the time to plan and hold yourself accountable.  If you know this is a weakness of yours, find a coach, accountability buddy, mentor, friend or family member who can help you stay on task.  Do your check ins with this person and make sure you are accurately measuring your progress.  It will make success that much closer and that much sweeter!