We all have someone who talks about how tough they have it. It can either be through a social media post, or how their day went when you chat with them, but it is always there. It may not be outright complaining, though there is plenty of that. I am referring to the martyrs out there. An example would be, “I stayed late at X to finish my job, but then saw it was a little dirty so cleaned up a bit, after which I restocked all the goods and didn’t get home to my family until after junior was already asleep.”
This person is publicly becoming a martyr for whatever they have CHOSEN to do. They shouldn’t be complaining about missing time with their kids, that was the choice.
Please don’t think me callus for this. I understand the struggle is real. Life can be tough, and we will be put through difficult times. But when we allow ourselves to succumb to this type of thought, that we are doing more and missing out because of it. We can quickly turn to doubt and negative self-talk. It can even turn into us being owed something for our struggles. As if we are the only ones.
The reality is that we are going to have to make sacrifices for what we want in life. This is a universal truth. If I want to look like Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, I will need to spend hours at the gym and meal prepping. If I want to earn the big promotion, I must show that I am better than other candidates. That may mean staying late and working extra. Not only that, but I will also have to navigate and understand the fact that people who may seem to do less, will get more.
This is where becoming the sacrifice is crucial. We must become who we are meant to become. If you want to be lean and muscular, but also spend time with your family after work, you may have to sacrifice some Netflix and weekend time to workout and meal prep. Not to mention wake up early and workout earlier. I urge you not to feel sorry for yourself and consider yourself unlucky, or a martyr that only gets results based on circumstance. Sacrifice who you are for who you want to become. Your family, and yourself will be grateful. You will be happier and will own your discomfort, because it is what makes you uniquely you. Most of all, you will be stronger for it. Don’t shy away, you can never run from the hardship, discomfort, and struggle of life. But you sure can own it, mold it, and shape it to make you better.