Just last month I asked the coaches here at CrossFit Tri-Cities to share a story about someone who inspires them.  While they were all excellent, one coach brought up two of our very own members.  Without putting the spotlight on them, I will simply say they are awesome.  This story focuses on one in particular.  She has been coming to the gym for about 3 years, and has had an amazing transformation.  Visible muscles, more toned, doing things she never thought possible; exactly what everyone wants when they join a gym.

When she first started, she was terrified.  She never thought she would be able do what the others were doing.  We did private sessions during one of the morning classes.  She would watch and think that it would never be her doing the workouts.  She was very wrong.  She kills it.  And she inspires a lot of us at the gym, she works hard, and it shows.

As the universe tends to work in mysterious ways, not one week after I asked my staff, she was down about a bad workout.  She thought she didn’t belong because she was a little older than most of us.  I was speechless.  This amazing athlete and lady was down because she thought she didn’t fit in.  It was eye opening to me.

I have been around gyms for over a decade, and I still need to be reminded how hard it can be to work out.  To share your struggles with others.  Even in a community as inviting and like minded as ours, we can be victims of our own self -doubt and negative self-talk.  Did she not realize how inspiring she was to all of those around her?  How could she not?  I clearly didn’t see it.  I do now though, we are and will always be our own worst critics.

I share this with you because you never know who you are inspiring.  I shared with this athlete that the coach had written about her to me and she couldn’t believe it.  I promise you that your struggle is inspiring more people than you know.  That alone should be enough reason to continue.  We owe it to each other, and everyone that counts on us to always continue to try and be better.  Your effort, no matter how small to you, may be exactly the push that someone else needs to get moving.  And in my opinion, we owe them that.  If we can share our light to help others see, then it is our duty to do so.