Today marks the first day of 2019.  Many people are going to use it as a starting line for various goals, resolutions, new habits etc.  That is the awesome part.  Having a place or time to start can be helpful, the problem becomes when the result is vague or not planned out.  In the health and fitness world we see this every year.  Hell, you probably have spoken to someone, maybe even yourself, about getting fit in 2019 and thought, “no way.”  The numbers are so depressing it is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy.  By the end of this month, more then three quarter of people will have stopped trying to achieve their goal, by April it is even more.

Not to worry!  You are not doomed to fail, but you need to overcome this very first obstacle in your mind.  It.  Will.  Not.  Be.  Easy.  If you want to accomplish something that most people struggle or even fail at, it will require some heartache and sacrifice.  Besides the obvious time commitment, we will also have to give up some favorite snacks, maybe going out as much on the weekends, etc.  But it starts with believing that you can do it.

After you have mentally accepted that you can succeed, you need a plan.  Have no fear if you haven’t made one yet, you’ve still started moving in the right direction by identifying your goal.  Below will be a short list of ways to create, manage, and maintain your plan to help you succeed.

  • Find help. Whether it be a friend, a coach, the internet, a book, etc.  Find a plan that looks and sounds like something you could be interested in.  Don’t assume that the super green plan that Carol did will work or even apply to you.  Find someone who wants to share some ideas and see if they interest you.
  • Set up an accountability system. A coach is great here, but a workout partner, is also good.  If you tend to hang out by yourself, you can always set reminders in a phone app or calendar.  There are also some great online options for coaching and accountability. (Our nutrition program uses an app that we can track)
  • Have realistic goals. Understanding where you are objectively, can help you understand what it will take to get to your goal.  As an example, if an overweight male decides he wants a six pack he will have to get to a body fat percentage of approximately 12%.  If he starts at 250 lbs. and 33% body fat, we know we have 21% or roughly 50lbs of fat.  If this individual is new to training, he can add some muscle which will help speed things along but losing 2lbs a week (which is a great number to shoot for) it will still take close to 6months.
  • 6months to an amazing life changing goal doesn’t seem to long, but it can be tough while you are in it. Always remember why you have chosen your goal and remind yourself about the outcome you want.  This will keep you going during the tough times.

I wish everyone the best of luck with their New Year goal.  Stay the course, don’t be afraid of help, and always remember that the struggle is what makes it worth it.