Have you ever compared yourself to someone else, got discouraged, and stopped whatever it is you were trying to accomplish?  An example, I want to lift heavier weights.  I go to the gym, see someone younger, maybe more handsome, maybe less experienced, lifting more than me.  I could get discouraged and give up.  Guess what…. You and I are not alone!  The important thing to remember is that you are not up against anyone else when it comes to your health, fitness and wellness.

I want you to remind yourself of something right now.  Simply put, your health, fitness and wellness goals are.  For.  Ever.  It is not until Craig’s wedding, it is not until summer starts, it is not until you lose 10lbs.  It is forever.  The bad news, that takes real, sustainable, habitual change.  It probably means growing as a person.  It means getting rid of some bad habits or triggers.  The good news, it also means less worrying about food, an easier (although it is never easy) time getting yourself to workout, being happier with yourself and by extent your fellow human beings.  It gives you a proper stress release.

Making unfair comparisons drives us into more stress.  It takes us away from where we are trying to go.  This is true of both the novice exerciser and the amateur.  I have seen new members get frustrated they aren’t at the same level of someone who has been exercising for years.  I see my veteran’s getting frustrated because they aren’t as strong as they’d like to be on that day.  To think that any random moment on a rock that is hurdling around a giant ball of fire in the sky should be your strongest is absurd.  To think you should be at the same spot as someone who has been doing it for years is unfair.  To compare yourself to someone you know very little about is never going to help you grow and move forward toward your goals.

Realizing that every time we exercise, or make a better food choice, or move the needle closer to health and wellness, we are winning.  Far too often people are looking for the perfect diet, or the best workout, or the fastest way to lose weight.  Not one of these exist.  You are wholly unique.  What I like doing, or what works for me may not be what you like doing or what works for you.  Sometimes we must make sacrifices, do something we don’t like or take a hit to our ego to make progress.  But that is the goal, progress.

Enjoy your little victories, as long as you are a better version of yourself today, you are on your way to saving the world.