You are not your workout

While coaching my 5am class this morning I made one of my athletes use DB’s for an overhead movement as opposed to the barbell.  Three things followed this: The first was a somewhat exasperated look with a distinct “why” behind it, the second was using the dumbbells and the last was me explaining why.  While there was understanding it also came with a side of resentment.

The athlete in question is awesome.  Constantly pushing themselves, making amazing progress and always wanting to improve.  This creates an internal conflict.  DB’s were the right choice for a few reasons but at the time it seemed like a step backward to the athlete and, for the remainder of the class, that was that.  This attitude is not uncommon, hell, I spent my entire 20’s with this attitude.  Ego comes in many different forms, but it always forgets the big picture.

You are not defined by any one action, workout, or attempt.  Workouts are a training vehicle, they are not the last stop.  If you always treat your workouts as a test, you are no longer training, and missing substantial training will hinder your results.  Try to keep the big picture in mind, your training should be leading somewhere.  It should not be the result; your workout does not define you.  Your attitude during workouts… that is a different story.  We all have days we expect more from ourselves.  Without these we would never have the days we surprise ourselves.