By a show of hands who wants more endurance?!

[scanning crowd]

Wow! All of you! Fabulous!


Ha! Maybe I was a little overzealous with that opening line. But really, don’t we all at one point wish we can endure more and do it more comfortably? At some point it happens naturally. After an activity is done repeatedly, to a certain degree, we get in better shape and then the body can either adapt and stay where it is, or we can pursue a higher fitness level by training differently to elevate our abilities.


Think of your favorite MetCon or fitness markers. How fast or how many rounds did you do it? Do you wish you could have done it faster or gotten more rounds?


It’s easy to fall into a steady pace, but not so easy to push that pace to sometimes an uncomfortable one. Endurance is not only beneficial for muscular development; it also helps us cardiovascularly.


There are many ways we can take our endurance to the next level. My advice would be to reduce recovery rates during certain exercises, ratchet up the intensity, and push through the discomfort.


Side note – push through discomfort as in, “Eeeewww, burpees, please no, not another, but really I can do another. I just despise them!”  NOT,Oh my dear lord, yep, my hamstring just ruptured!”


Endurance is a passion of mine. I know we can all benefit from it. I’m excited to be venturing more into this role as a Coach. Hopefully, I can get a few, if not all of you, to be raising your hands up in agreeance too!


With that being said, I will leave you with a quote by Mark Twain. He says it about age, but I like to change the context to that of Endurance. “[Endurance] is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”




Coach Jen