It is 930pm at night.  The kids are asleep, you ate a good dinner, not great, but better than usual.  You think about tomorrow.  You are going to go to the gym.  It has been awhile, but it is time to get back into a routine.  Tomorrow arrives, and you can’t go to the 5am class (earliest at my gym) because you immediately shut that alarm off.  No one is crazy enough to work out that early.  You wake up, promise yourself you’ll go tonight and start your day.  Your day is a little more stressful than usual, but it is gym time.  Let’s go.  But your stomach is upset from lunch, and honestly, it wasn’t the best day.  Tomorrow, tomorrow will be the day.

I am not a big tough love guy, so please indulge the next few sentences and I will be back to my usual fun and supportive self.  Errhmmm.  You.  Are.  Not. Unique.  You.  Are.  Not.  Too.  Busy.  Everyday, someone who is busier than you, has more stress than you, and has more kids than you is making choices to positively improve their health and wellness.  Every time you make an excuse it becomes part of who you are.  Oh the kids, or my stomach, I am too tired, or I am too busy.  While these are all great, my retorts, in order: Your kids need you to be healthy and a positive role model, this one may be legit, we are all tired as adults, and you will never not be busy.

I know it is hard.  I also know that next month will not be easier.  Next week will still be tough, and the only way to get started is to actually start.  It will not be fun nor enjoyable.  But it will become those things.  Change is hard.  So, so hard.  But I know you have looked back and wished you’d have started something, anything, sooner.  We all have.  Dig deep, decide who you want to be, and own it.  You are in control of your future, and that can be the scariest part.  Stop spinning your hamster wheel of excuses. Jump off and break the cycle.