July 2019 – BINGO

Bingo is here again! BINGO Runs July 1-31; Cards must be turned in by August 4 Pick up your Bingo Cards at the Front Desk. This year will be slightly different - with more opportunities to win prizes! Complete 1+ Rows win a UR Recover sample Complete 2+ Rows completed...

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August 4th-September 8th 2018 Weightlifting Series

It time to lift some weights! Hey everyone!  Coach Joe is back in action and excited about this upcoming weightlifting series.  Last series focused on leg strength and was a HUGE success! (Those PR's were awesome!).  We are going to take that new strength and refine...

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Advanced Gymnastics Series – Introduction to Levers

We are introducing a small-group focused gymnastics series at CFTC. The goal of this series is to present advanced skill / strength concepts for those who wish to progress their gymnastics strength. Our first series will complement our pulling strength series by...

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New Gymnastic Series Starts 3/4!

Gymnastics Series Announcement Our first gymnastics series for 2018 will be going back to the basics. This will not be skill specific but rather a general strength building template used in a variety of gymnastics skills. We will be focusing on four primary strength...

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Muscle Up Series is Here!

Crossfitters reach many fitness milestones, but none more memorable than your first pull up or better your first muscle up! Our next gymnastic series is going to cover the muscle up in all its glory. We will be developing push/pull strength as well as a variety of...

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Whats new at CFTC!

April 11th, 2017 Hey everyone! We have a lot going on at CrossFit Tri-Cities and just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. Lots of exciting things are happening and will be happening in the future, so we wanted to start getting some of this out there. First, Murph for...

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New Olympic Weightlifting Program!

January 30th, 2017 This new program is designed to build familiarity and confidence with the Olympic Lifts (Snatch and Clean and Jerk), increasing strength and technical proficiency over time. The classes will cover a 6 week period from Feb 13 to March 26, meeting...

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Annual Holiday Party

December 13th, 2016 Hey Everyone! Its time for our annual holiday party. This year we are changing it up a bit. Instead of our usual trip to Schaumburg, we have decided to keep it local. This year our party will be at Buttermilk in Geneva on Jan 21st! It will be cash...

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