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How do I start? Is it for me?

Can I even do it?  Will it work?  I don’t want to do those exercises!  I don’t want to bulk.

When people think about joining a gym, most of their expectations are likely driven by media.  Whether it be the crazy social media “gurus” balancing on medicine balls and “doing keto,” or a group of jocks jacking steel in the weight room on TV.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much exciting about consistent and steady progress.

We want to meet you!

At CFTC we believe everyone should have the tools and ability to be healthy.  We know there is no one size fits all approach, and only want to set you up for success.  This starts in our intro where we want to learn all about you before any workout.  What is your workout history, what are your personal goals.  Are you looking to fit in a new dress, or are you getting ready for the race season.  We want to ensure you are successful!

Meet your coach!

After your consult you will meet your coach.  Depending on your goal we will get you started with either Nutrition, Personal Training, or even both.  Your health and goals are important to us and we will make a plan to ensure success!  Plus, we use objective measurements and will continually work to ensure we are always making progress.  No fad diets or workouts for a few weeks with nothing to show for it here!

Start at your level

So what are the workouts like?  They are made for the individual based on their goals and history.  We want each athlete to be strong enough for whatever their life will throw at them.  For some of us, that means being able to carry all the groceries and play with our kids.  For others, it is competing in rec and amateur sports.  In all cases, we will make sure we can set you up for success.  If we don’t have the best coach for you, we will find out who does!

Keep it going

We believe on of the pillars to health is support and accountability.  Every 3months we bring in our athletes for goal reviews and measurements.  We want to make sure we are always one the right track, and if we aren’t what we need to change to get back on track.  We also want you to stay motivated, and these goal reviews are great ways to continually find the next thing to challenge you.

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