Before I had children, I had a full-time job outside my home. I always made time around my schedule to exercise and workout. I was disciplined about it then because I was a collegiate athlete and stuck with my schedule even after I graduated. Soon we made our first of many relocations outside our home state. During that time I struggled to get back and find my rhythm as an athlete. It was hard finding a gym I was comfortable at, groups that I connected with and  simply the time to just move. Unfortunately, I tried and failed time after time. My weight crept up and I was just not myself anymore. I found DVD’s to do at home; that was a start. However, it wasn’t what I needed to feel like myself again. While I was still struggling with that I became pregnant with my first child. Two years later, I had my second. Like any life event there is a realization that things just aren’t going to be exactly as they were before. In hindsight, I think my biggest mistake was not evolving with my transition to motherhood. With that I mean, I wanted the same scenario I had before babies. I’d go for a run or to the gym and go for however long I wanted. Yes, with children, I could go for that run or to the gym. However, it needed to be done differently and I wasn’t ready for that little dose of reality. I am a creature of habit. This is why sticking to my past schedules worked. I needed to find a way to make that schedule work in a different facet. I kept telling myself to give it time.  The benefit of being patient is that time gives you the opportunity to finally see what is in front of you. In any life changing moment there are transitional phases. After time, my children started to be able to participate with us and find their own interests as athletes. My proudest moment is seeing my first child excel in the same sport I competed in AND be better than me. My second child is following in his father’s footsteps, which is fun to watch. Best of all, we are all at the same Crossfit gym and loving it!


Our last relocation has been, by far, the most fulfilling to me. I have been able to reconnect with a college teammate of mine and find that spark I have been looking for as an athlete. Most importantly, this move brought me to Tri-Cities CrossFit. I have always felt that I was missing the connection I had in college. The connection with teammates and athlete to coach has always been, for me, very motivational. I always admired CrossFit athletes and decided to try a gym when we moved. I started at CFTC through a conditioning class and soon moved over to full CrossFit classes. I was and am hooked. This gym was my missing puzzle piece. CFTC gives me the coaching I was missing, an awesome group of athletes to workout out with on a daily basis and a place for our entire family to workout together. HA! Bingo! Finally!

Soon I was approached by the owners of our gym to coach. At first, I was apprehensive because I hadn’t worked outside my home in quite awhile. It was intimidating, but I decided to give it a try.  Our gym has an Advanced Theory Class that is offered for prospective coaches. I started there. ATC was very informative and gave me a great outlook on how things are run in the gym. Whether it was just general CrossFit knowledge or specific programming, I soon realized that I wanted to try my hand at coaching CrossFit. It took some time and there were a lot of conversations about coaching before I started ATC. Then once I started, there were a few months of shadowing and ultimately full-time coaching.


As an athlete, my background is distance running. I ran Track and Cross Country through high school and college. So my core knowledge and understanding of fitness is training for speed and endurance. I am able to utilize that skill set as I program for our TRAIN class. As a Coach, I get so excited to see our athletes enjoy the workout that I have planned for them. I want to be able to help those who have struggled in the same way I have in the past and at times still do now. After all, Life is a work in progress. Right?


As I reflect back on my journey back to fitness, I couldn’t be happier to where it has brought me. It wasn’t easy and I still struggle with prioritizing my time, but I have found my space and that is a great feeling. If you want something bad enough, you will get it. Even if it takes time.