After I finished my workout the other day, I started to have a conversation with Coach Andrew about Mobility. It was an interesting one. We started to talk about the correlation between muscles groups and mobility or sometimes lack of mobility.  The interesting thing is that Mobility is not a one size fits all sort of thing. There are those athletes that just need a one on one consult with a Coach or Chiropractor/Massage Therapist to help increase or get back lost Mobility. There also can be surgeries or devices that prevent an athlete from obtaining the same level of mobility as another athlete. That’s ok. They both can be helped.


Take in account my daughter. She has a fully fused thoracic spine with bi-lateral rods in her back. She functions fully as an athlete; however, at the moment she cannot and possibly will not ever be able to fully touch her toes without bent legs. Bright side, she has a fabulously straight back when she OLY lifts though! Gotta love that! Her sport is distance running. So, as a Coach and her mother I have taught her how to use what mobility she has to her benefit and to move safely so she stays injury free.


One of the most fascinating things I have started to practice with my daughter is working on muscle groups that correlate with each other. To keep her hips healthy, we work on postural muscles. Sounds weird right? If you look at the body one of the muscle groups used for posture are the hip flexors. For a runner, those are 2nd to our glutes and hammies to fire up the leg turnover that so many people covet. Come to think of it, I think we’ve all heard a person or 2 say they have bad hips from running, right? Huh? Wonder if it’s not running per se, but lack of Mobility somewhere else? Just a quick thought and a conversation for me to have another time. 😉 Stay tuned!


I’m going to leave you with 3 things.

  1. If you have Mobility issues, concerns or questions, let’s have a chat. Your health and longevity is priority.
  2. If you should get homework, please DO IT! Trust me, as somebody who has taken the approach of one on one coaching advice and a referral to a specialist, IT WORKS! I can point you in that direction too!
  3. Please watch the attached video. It’s cool and touches on what I am talking about.

Coach Jen


Cheers all! Let’s get to talking!