Being a Mom and finding the time to focus on yourself and your goals can be challenging.  Whether you work full-time, part-time or stay-at-home, your kiddos depend on you for EVERYTHING! The household depends on you.

Each day I walk into the gym to find Moms who lift.  Not only do they lift weights but they lift each other up.  Celebrating the little victories that show the true sign of progress.  It’s an empowering environment that helps to relieve some of the everyday stress.


It’s worth repeating. You matter, your time matters and your happiness matters.  Your kids will notice that their Mom came home from the gym with a little extra pep in her step. Or they will see their Mom ring a super cool PR bell and the gym cheering.  Even better, they will see Mom working out and want to mimic the movements too! Investing in your health and wellness is an important lesson to teach our kiddos. And they are watching you!


It took me a long time to release the guilt from going to the gym and bringing the little ones with me.  I would reward them with treats each time we left to thank them for behaving. Until I realized that I spent more time waiting for them during their practices and lessons each week then they spent at the gym.  Your kids are allowed their time for activities and so are you!



At the end of the day, it’s about your health: mentally and physically.  Being able to keep up with the kids as they take off down the sidewalk; pulling the wagon 9 miles around the zoo or carrying coolers up hills in temperatures that mimic the surface of the sun are part of the gig as a parent. Allow yourself some grace and prioritize your health and fitness because you matter!


– Coach Sara