Crossfitters reach many fitness milestones, but none more memorable than your first pull up or better your first
muscle up! Our next gymnastic series is going to cover the muscle up in all its glory. We will be developing
push/pull strength as well as a variety of progressions so you can get on top of those rings! The focus of the
series will be STRICT form; however, we will be adding some dynamic drills in the mix. Also, what’s a gymnastics
series without a little core work as well! The goal of core training will be building strength rather than focusing
on volume as in our previous series.

The Gymnastics Series will be open to all members; however, you should have a least 2-3 strict pull-ups or chin-
ups and 2-3 strict dips in order to fully reap the benefits of the program. BUT…if you don’t have strict pull-ups or dips, I still encourage you to sign up. We can adjust the progressions to help you achieve your first pull up as

Each class will run 75 Minutes in length. There will be a limit of 10 people. Work will need to be done outside of
class to fully maximize the benefit.

Sign up here!