I’m going to dive head first in and say two words, fear and doubt.  My operations minded husband calls it, “risk aversion”. UGH! Whichever words you choose, they can feel so oppressive and corrosive to your self-worth.  Everybody feels them, so why does it feel like you are alone on an island? For me, as a young adult, it was my Dyslexia that scared me. It was unthinkable to read out loud,  walk up to a chalk board, or participate in front of a classroom. Jump ahead to two and half years ago, it was walking through the doors of CFTC and currently, it is how effective of a coach will I be?  In a gym that I still feel so new at no less! Hmmm, makes sense right? After this past week, well, I am singing a different tune.

The moment I had an epiphany…

As I sat through a week of training with Coach Andrew and had small, yet reassuring chats with some of our current coaches, I sat back and realized that it’s ok to feel it, but don’t stay in it.  I have a great support system at CFTC;  people who see my potential and believe I have something to add to the equation.  At times there may be moments of self-doubt that will creep in, but I know they will be met with encouragement and understanding, helping me to continue moving forward.

As a prospective coach, I hope to continue that same mantra;  to keep learning more about myself along the way. I hope you all are as excited for me to start this new chapter at CFTC as I am. Don’t be afraid to ask me questions and start a conversation about my process.  Because, if there is one thing I like to do, it is to talk.