Gymnastics Series Announcement
Our first gymnastics series for 2018 will be going back to the basics. This will not be skill specific but rather a general strength building template used in a variety of gymnastics skills. We will be focusing on four primary strength areas: pulling, pushing, straight-arm, and core strength. While the main strength elements will be designed around strict movements, we will be introducing some kipping movements in the mix.  

The series will be on Sundays beginning March 4, 2018 at 9:00am and last for six weeks. The class will be 75 minutes long and limited to 10 people. Be prepared for accessory / homework. If you want results you have to train more than once per week!  

P.S. We will be testing and re-testing 3 movements to track our progress.  We understand life happens but please be there for week 1.

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