At CrossFit Tri-Cities we like to set our members up for success.  That begins with being transparent about our programming.  We are kicking off the New Year with an endurance training phase. What will that look like and how does it apply to you? Read on!

What does that mean? The next phase is programmed to increase your muscular endurance and build strength.  Over the course of the next 9 weeks, you’ll see high volume low intensity sets.  You will want to be mindful of your loading, doing 140 reps of something is harder than 80.  Don’t expect to lift the same weight more times, even if the reps per set looks familiar.

How does that impact class? You’ll find days with more sets than we usually see, which means managing your time between sets will be crucial.  As always, coaches will be mindful of the clock and remind you as we get near the time to transition into conditioning, but allowing time for rest and chatter between sets while being cognizant of the clock will ensure you get to finish.

Dude, I want to go heavy! Lifting heavy is awesome but cannot be the focus of our training always.  Lifting heavy will mask weaknesses, exacerbate asymmetry, and not allow for foundation building.  Muscle building and looking better naked comes from lifting more reps, not lifting more weight.  Getting stronger is an awesome side effect but mostly is a neurological response.  We will get to it, but first we are going to build the engine before we tune it.

What are these phases you speak of? If you’ve been around the past six weeks, we were in the midst of our hypertrophy phase.  Increasing your work capacity, muscle mass and strengthening your posterior chain.  Now we are entering the endurance phase as discussed above and finishing with the adaptation phase.  The 3 phases are designed to build a bigger movement foundation, create new stimulus and test our goal for increased strength (the adaptation phase).

Let’s get your 2020 started off right! Set goals with Amy during your quarterly goal review (pssst it’s part of your membership).  Our Chief Happiness Officer wants to know how we can help you make the most out of your time at CFTC.  Set up a No Snack Intro with Kayla, the best Nutrition Coach around, to get on track with your nutrition and fuel your body right for peak performance. Make this year, your best year yet!

Coach Sara