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Nutrition for the Busy – Part 2

Love Letter: “Don’t Let Busy Become a Way of Life”

Last week, we shared the Top 3 Ways the Busy Can Set Themselves up for Success which were:

  1. Preparation 
  2. Identifying your “Go To” 
  3. Hydrate to Dominate 

Across the next three weeks, we will expand on each of those once per week to ensure that we are providing you with more perspective, tools, and guidance to meet your needs. So, let’s jump into it… 

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – This is such a compelling and relevant quote for any of us busybodies who consistently find themselves on the go. Whether you’re a professional who commutes and experiences the back-to-back meeting calendar for hours on end or if you’re the stay at home parent with several kids who all have different schedules, preparation can be an absolute game changer one way or the other. Preparation will, more often than not, set you up for success whether it is being prepared for your next meeting or having a healthy snack on hand. Failing to prepare, though, will put you in a bind that will surely cause mental strain and place success just a tad bit out of reach on some days. With that in mind, let’s expand upon meal prep, day prep, and mental prep. 

Meal Prep

Look, there are no two ways around it, meal prep requires a bit of work. Just like preparing for your next presentation or pitch for business. So, instead of treating your consumption any differently, attack it with the same ferocity that you do when you know that a big event, milestone, or deliverable is on the horizon and you want to blow it out of the water. 

I am not saying, “spend your entire Sunday afternoon cooking 2 metric tons of chicken, Brussels sprouts, and making overnight oats.” What I am saying is to take a look at your calendar, identify your grocery day (we all have one), and bake in 1hr on the back of it to prepare nutrition conscious meals for the next 2-3 days. If you are only prepping your meals a few days in advance, then meal prep doesn’t feel like such a chore. 

Prep 2-3 lunches (lean protein, carb, veggie) and 2-3 breakfasts (I prefer overnight oats, egg muffins, or even Powerful Yogurt pouches). Stack them in the fridge, move on with your day, and feel prepared heading into the week. 

Day Prep

Whether you’re using a calendar on a whiteboard in the kitchen or speaking your calendar into existence with Google home, we live by our calendars. So, let’s use it. 

Get up in the morning, take a second to get familiar with your schedule for the day and adjust your consumption accordingly. Are you in meetings from 10a-3p? Then I suggest you have something on hand that is macro friendly that you can enjoy walking between meetings (Quest bars are my thing). Do you have 1hr free from 11:30a-12:30p? Great! Pack one of your prepped meals, put a “HOLD” on your calendar for that time to protect it, take an hour to breathe, and enjoy your previously prepared lunch. 

Become familiar with your day before it is completely underway. This way you control your calendar vs. the calendar controlling you. 

Mental Prep

Listen, some parts of the day are harder than others. Nutrition is just as much mental as it is physical (I will preach this forever). Identify the mentally challenging parts of your day so that you are prepared for what is to come. 

During stressful days I often see two types of people: The emotional eater and the “I will put my nose to the grindstone and work until I forget about how emotional I am.” Both are unhealthy. 

So, identify those mentally draining parts of your day, do a quick role play of how they will play out, and then put a calendar “hold” right after those events to give yourself a moment to come down from the stressor itself. When the moment arises, spend the first part of it regulating your mood. Then grab a snack and some water to bring yourself back to even and get ready to attack the remainder of your day. 

We are more capable of controlling our calendars and our stress than we probably think we are and a little preparation goes a long way in regaining that control & all of the positive vibes that come with it.  

Nutrition Coach David

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