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Nutrition for the Busy – Part 3

Love Letter: “Don’t Let Busy Become a Way of Life”

Here we are, Part 3 of our “Don’t Let Busy Become a Way of Life” series. As a refresher, this series was created to give practical, every day nutritional tips to the busy. It can be extremely difficult to either start your nutrition journey or simply stay on track when you’re running around from commitment to commitment. 

Myself, I am a husband, father, Crossfitter, Head of Operations at my company, and an individual. I imagine that the majority of you hold many titles in your personal lives. Adding another commitment to the mix can feel daunting. 

But, here you are. You’ve made the commitment, mentally prepped yourself for the change you’re about to make. Then, you Google “healthy meals” or “healthy recipes with chicken.” And now you’ve done it… you’ve gone down the rabbit hole of never ending Pinterest photos and recipe cards with ingredients you cannot even pronounce. Looks, those meals are cool. But we simply cannot make those every. Single. Day. 

What can we do? Identify some key go-tos to make your nutrition program stick, require little time, and mentally put your mind at ease because you know you’re set up for success. 

Go To Restaurants / Food Options

When I started my nutrition journey, I remember sitting in my office without a snack or meal with me. I immediately felt like I was going to “cheat” or end up having something that was not friendly to my plan. Rather than admit defeat and grab Potbelly (it was the closest thing at work), I took a moment to do some research. I identified one CVS, one Walgreens, and four restaurants near me that had healthy options. CVS and Walgreens carry all of my favorite snack items: Quest Bars, ONE Bars, and Core Power protein shakes. This was easy – in a pinch, I’ve got protein friendly options I could grab in about 10 minutes. 

The longest time it took was to read through a few menus. But, after reading through those menus I know where I can go to get an awesome meal and not feel like I am missing out on the social aspect of going to lunch with friends or co-workers (the Turkey Burger at Bernie’s in Chicago is unreal).

Go To Snacks

If you follow me on any social outlet, you know that I am all about Quest Bars. Bad day to be a Quest Bar in my house. Honestly, Quest products just offer me protein packed variety in my snacking: bars, chips, cookies, pizza, etc. But, it doesn’t have to be Quest Bars. 

Do yourself a favor, go to Target or Meijer and locate the supplement isle. There you will find more than your heart’s desire of these tasty treats. When you bring them home, put a few in your pantry but also put a few in whatever bag you carry around all day (suitcase, backpack, purse, fanny pack… I won’t judge) so that you are ready when the moment hits. 

Go To Shopping Cart 

So, you have probably heard “stick to the parameter if the grocery store” a million times. Right? This isn’t wrong. 

But if you are the type of person who likes to have recipe cards for every meal, you know that there are certain things you are going to need each week. On the other hand, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t need a recipe card you are good at making something delicious by being able to look at your refrigerator and whipping something up. Either way, you know what lean meats you enjoy, the veggies you enjoy, etc. and those should be something you stock up on every single week. For me, my proteins include chicken, shrimp, scallops, ground turkey, tilapia, and salmon. I know that these are the center-pieces of my meals and as long as I have them around I know that I will always be able to make myself a decent meal. Get your go-to shopping cart down, know your “route” in the grocery store. It’ll only help. 

We all have our “go to” – music, clothes, shoes… thinks that make you feel comfortable, in your element. Find your “go to” when it comes to your nutrition program so that you can experience the same in this part of your life.

Nutrition Coach David

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