What do we do here!?  Isn’t CrossFit Dangerous?  It’s Only For Fit People!

The above statements are the most common misconceptions I hear about CrossFit.  My CrossFit journey started over a decade ago, and being honest, parts of what I did were less then safe.  I was young and immature and thought I could come in and lift the world.  Over the past ten years my training has evolved and my thoughts on training have evolved.  At CrossFit Tri-Cities we do everything we can to work with our individual members and accomplish their goals.  We do not project any biases or agendas.  Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, mental clarity, stress relief etc. We can help!

Our member’s journey starts with what we call a “No Sweat intro.”  It is an informal conversation where we get to meet them and learn about their goals and lives.  We want to build a relationship with our members, they are not just another membership.  After learning about them and their goals we build a unique plan for them.  This can include Nutrition, Personal Training, Group Training, and any combination of the 3.  We can offer all these great services for a few reasons.

  • We have a staff of 8 who care. Our members’ results are our results.
  • We are open minded, we work with people from all walks of life and have been for a decade. We have crafted and honed a multitude of strategies, so we can make a plan that will work for them!
  • We start with the unique needs, starting point and goals of the individual. We make unique prescriptions for every person who comes through our door.
  • We meet with our members every quarter to ensure we are making progress

While 99% of people who work out want to look better naked, there are many ways to accomplish this.  We know this journey will take time and each person’s journey carries unique obstacles.  Getting to know our members on an individual level allows us to change, sculpt and adjust to continually evolve our programs to their ever-evolving goals.

No one personifies this like Amy, let her tell you about it!