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Programming with a Purpose

Virtual Murph for Miller is upon us and CFTC has the programming to set you up for success. 

I’ve increased the volume of pulling, pressing and squatting movements to help strengthen the muscles groups utilized most during Murph.

Whether you’re rockin’ the WOD’s solo or logged in for Zoom class, you’ve seen metcons dedicated to Murph training.  What you won’t see are repeat WOD’s of Cindy.  While it is beneficial to practice Murph to strategize your pace and rep schemes, our time can be better utilized with strength training. For example, a focus on the quads via bulgarian split squats and walking lunges or focusing on your lats via elbow out bent over rows and lat raises.  If you’re not feeling challenged with the equipment you have at home, consider adding a tempo.  Increased time under tension is an excellent way to build our muscles.

While COVID-19 may have made the future somewhat unpredictable, one thing is certain: CFTC has remained focused on your health and wellness.  The programming stays true to the goals of our community i.e. Murph for Miller for the month of May. 

If you feel that you need additional accountability or help regain focus on your nutrition, we are here to help. 

Nutrition Coach David has his first 28 Day Nutrition Challenge starting on Monday and it’s not too late to sign up.  Contact Coach David @ david@tricitiescrossfit.com or Nutrition Coach Kayla @ kayla@tricitiescrossfit.com. 

Or if you need to discuss your goals during the stay at home order, reach out to your coach or our Community Manager, Amy at amy@tricitiescrossfit.com.



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