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Rethink your Drink

Wine…. We love it. With its many types and taste profiles it has a time and place in just about any type of event.

Charcuterie board with some friends? Yep.

Poolside Rose (or BROse) with some friends on a hot day? Absolutely.

Bottomless mimosas and brunch on a Sunday? No better time.

Much like beer or a craft cocktail, wine is involved in many of our social experiences. It helps us unwind, de-stress, open up in conversation, and more. Sure, the next day isn’t always the best but we get over it.

When compared to beer, the caloric content of a serving of your favorite wine is in the same ballpark but the carb breakdown is a bit friendlier when you select the gilded grape over hops.

For comparison

  • A pint of beer (16 oz) with 5% alcohol contains about 230 calories (162 from alcohol and 68 from carbohydrates)
  • A glass of bold, high alcohol red wine (i.e. Zinfandel, Shiraz, Blends) at 15% alcohol contains about 130 calories (120 from alcohol and 10 from carbohydrates).

Sure, this means we can enjoy a few glasses of wine without absolutely destroying our calorie or carb goals for the day. But, any alcohol consumption presents a few common pitfalls when it comes to maintaining our ability to stay on track. A couple things to think about….

  1. Over served = Consciousness Out the Window
    1. They call it liquid courage for a reason. We have a few sips, feel like a million bucks, and start to let go of every care in the world. A few glasses too far, though, and we simply forget about most things. We forget about time, stress, and even our nutrition! You’re more likely to over-consume after being over served. Be cautious – consume responsibly – stay on track.
  1. Underfed = Higher Consumption Potential
    1. One of the biggest things we preach in our nutrition program is the importance of preparation. And, for most of us, we schedule our lives to the brim. You have to when you’re balancing work, family, obligations, etc. So, more often than not you know you have a wine night coming up. So, if you know that… let’s prepare. Many people think “I know I am going to be having a few glasses of wine tonight and probably some apps. So, I will not eat most of the day to make up for consuming this evening.” This wouldn’t be our recommended approach. Why? Because you are more likely to remain balanced if you consume throughout the day and head into your evening already satisfied. Heading into your fun evening starving and parched will set you up for a train wreck.
  1. Bottle of Wine = Sometimes OK!
    1. I get similar questions when it comes to anything that is often thought of as a “cheat meal” or “cheating” on a “diet.” Reminder – this is not a diet. This is a balanced way of living and there is something to be said, mentally, about letting go every once in a while and being human. Sometimes, you need to have a bottle of wine over some great conversation with some friends. Just order yourself an Uber / have a ride ready and relax… you are back on the train tomorrow. Build those moments into your weekly plan – having wine is not going to ruin your progress. So, let go of that anxiety.

Live balanced – drink responsibly

Coach David


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