Best Course of Action for Your Health and Fitness
aka: Don’t jam square pegs into round holes.

The best thing we can do to achieve our health and fitness goals is to find something that works for us personally.  Simple right?  Not so fast, with all the different information out on the internet, tv, magazines etc, it can be tough to discern fact from fiction as well as know if one approach will work for you.  For many of us, we need three things to be successful.

  • A Plan. This should have a defined start and end point.  It should allow for flexibility and growth.  Most of all it should be sustainable.  Many health and fitness “plans” involve a very short term approach that is borderline dangerous with no ramifications for the future.  Others take no account of starting point and will become frustratingly difficult or ineffective.  Your plan should reflect your wants, needs, and realistic expectations based on those wants and needs.
  • Coaches, friends, family, a journal, social group etc.  These can all be excellent sources of accountability.  Many of us cannot hold ourselves accountable, especially when making difficult lifestyle changes.  If you plan on making long term success you will want to grab a friend, coach or peer group interested in those same goals.  One of the hardest parts of personal growth is outgrowing individuals from our past who hold us back.
  • Progress and Success. During your journey there will be difficult moments.  You may be sore, you may want to eat off meal plans, you may feel too tired to go to the gym.  It is ok, everyone has these feelings.  When you overcome obstacles or hit certain landmarks, you deserve to celebrate and enjoy your success.  If your goal is to lose 20lbs, realize that every 5 pounds is an amazing landmark that needs to be enjoyed.  The process and journey is just as, if not more important than the destination.

When we want to make successful long term change we usually start by thinking we can do it by ourselves.  Most of the time, if that were the case we would have already done it.  Find help, have fun, stay true to yourself and make the necessary changes to reach your goals.  After two weeks you’ll wonder what held you back for so long in the first place.  Success is not that far away!