Being Physically Strong is a great attribute to have for several reasons.  It makes day to day tasks easier, it can make you more resilient, paired with good nutrition it can be aesthetically pleasing.  It also helps shape a positive mindset.

While some people are gifted with more natural strength than others, everyone who is strong has worked for it.  This is a relative term.  If I lift 200lbs, but my mom lifts 65lbs, both should be celebrated equally.  The amount of weight is not what matters, that we lift it is.  Taking the time to earn it makes it important.  How heavy it is does not.  What does this have to do with mental strength?

So many times, in my life I have let fear and doubt stop me from doing something.  Whether that be having fun, meeting new people, playing a new sport, or even taking care of myself or my family.  Alas, I am still here, stronger and more self-aware.  I do have some regrets though.  I do wish I had chosen to be strong in these cases, instead of letting my mind convince me I was weak.  We are so quick to give up on ourselves sometimes, but the reality is things are never as bad as we make them.

You, me, we are going to fail.  Making mistakes, missing deadlines, not working out for a week, etc.  These things are part of life, they are inescapable.  How you respond to them is what truly matters.  When you go to get back in the groove, or start something new to better yourself, I want you to know; I know that fear.  Everyone does.  Our lack of uniqueness is our greatest strength.  Being human allows us to become stronger daily.  And it starts one decision at a time.

The hardest part of working out is deciding to go and work out.  We think people will judge us, or that we aren’t good enough, or that we will go tomorrow.  Stop.  Everyone else thinks that too.  You are stronger than that.  Choose to be strong.  You will fall, you will fail, and progress will seem to go backward.  That is life.  Picking yourself back up and continuing the journey with everything you have.  That is strength.