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The Long Game

Transitioning from a 28-Day Stay Healthy Challenge, or any month long nutrition challenge for that matter, into a balanced lifestyle is a difficult transition to make for many. Especially for those who have just begun their journey.

Each week, we ask our clients to be vulnerable. To share images, measure progress, etc. and all of this because we know “what gets measured, gets improved.” While that saying is absolutely true, that does not make it any easier to share deeply personal updates.

This week, I thought it would be best to be vulnerable myself. To share images, thoughts, and feelings that I was once very uncomfortable with so that I can relate to each current and future client on a personal level. To show that true transformation is a journey full of questions, learning, accountability, and coaching that deserves more than 28 days worth of attention. Your wellness deserves more than 28 days of attention.

Below you will find a few pictures of me. The first picture is Day 1 as a nutrition client working alongside Coach Kayla. The second picture is as of June 3, 2020 – almost 12 months later. Collectively, I’d like to share a few bullets points about the growth that I’ve experienced when focusing on the long-game and not giving up after 28 days. But truly telling myself that this is a worthwhile process when the expectation is properly set.

Day 1 – Nutrition Client – June 2019

  • Runs marathons, triathlons, & high cardio
  • Anxious whenever he consumes food
  • Believes carbs are the enemy
  • 20 years of being upset appearance
  • Wants to look like he works out
  • Let cheat meals weigh on his mind for weeks
  • Uncomfortable swimming 
  • 223 lbs – 19% body fat 
  • 5k – 8:15/mi pace
  • Murph: Approx. 42min

Current – Nutrition Coach & Client – June 2020

  • CrossFit, 45 min workouts
  • Understands food fuels his life
  • Eats more carbs, consciously, than ever
  • Happy with image – appreciates progress
  • Looks like he works out (finally!)
  • Believes cheat meals are essential 
  • Eats Pizza & Drinks Beer every Friday
  • Can enjoy himself at the pool 
  • 205 lbs – 13% body fat 
  • 5k – 7:40/mi pace
  • Murph: 37:37 PR

Again, I share all of this knowing exactly where each of you are sitting. Whether you’re in the beginning phases of contemplating your nutrition & wellness or if you’re thinking about fine tuning your needs, and everywhere in between. 

Coach Kayla, myself, and the members of this community are the community you need for support, guidance, relatability, accountability, and more. It is the reason I became a coach, the reason I continue to learn, and the reason I haven’t fallen off the train. 


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