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The Summer of Success at CFTC!

Let’s all take a deep breath.  We made it through the summer! Record setting temps in the gym, Clean & Jerk technique is on point, shredded members flexing their defined muscles – it’s been so awesomely busy!

But, Did You Notice?

Throughout the summer, many of our members have dialed in on their nutrition with Coach Kayla and ooze confidence! I see it in the way they move through a tough WOD. There have been more “leg liberation’s” aka wearing shorts to the gym than I have noticed in summers past.  We are becoming comfortable in our own skin and that’s a HUGE PR!

Speaking of PR’s, did you see the PR board for July! Weights are going up as WOD’s are being crushed.  Despite the heat, you’ve shown up, put in the work and get to flex the rewards!

The benefits of tying together functional fitness and nutrition are empowering. Moving throughout your day without pain, feeling better in your clothes or simply looking better naked are motivating factors that help to increase our confidence.  And the confidence level at CFTC is exploding!

Inspiration Is Everywhere

Whether you noticed it or not, inspiration is everywhere in our gym.  I constantly hear compliments amongst members that not only inspire the intended recipients but anyone else who heard it. Internally the time it takes to reach our personal goals can seem slow but to your fellow athletes – we take notice of the progress. The support system that the community has built is amazing.

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try” – Constantly Varied Gear

Increased confidence is a direct result of a conscious decision to try.  Using the momentum of the summer, I urge you to try a new movement progression that might help you reach a fitness goal.  Or try to log one day of food/drinks to help you gain a better understanding of where you are at nutritionally. Reach out to a fellow member or staff for additional accountability. We are here to help you keep the progress going!

Accomplishing a long sought-after goal might be closer than you think if you simply try.

Coach Sara


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