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Become Familiar with Change

The World is Changing.  This is always a true statement.  Whether new technologies being born, new businesses being open, or new babies being born.   As humans, we experience many changes in our lives.  Some we barely notice as they happen over time.  Others are gut wrenching, soul affecting experiences.  

What is currently a little different is the speed at which it is changing.  So many things are.  Covid will change the landscape of our economy and businesses forever.  This was likely already happening, looking at automation and new technologies.  The pandemic just forced the speed to increase.

The suddenness and upending of our expectations has left us little time or room to reflect and work for acceptance of the new future.  As a business owner I had to reflect.  A lot.  How can I keep my staff and clients safe?  How can I follow the CDC guidelines while continuing to operate at a high level.  And unfortunately over this time, I also wondered if it was even worth it.

The thing about change, is that it is hard,  and is incredibly personal.  No two people have experienced the last 2 months the same.  Some have suffered minor inconveniences, while others still are dealing with life changing fall out.  The only thing everyone will share, is their choice to move on productively.  Any choice to hold on to the past, will make any change much more difficult.

I wanted to explore change in ourselves while we are seeing it in the world.  As a health and fitness coach, changing the individual is the most crucial piece to our success.  Having parallels to draw between observable real world events and intangible feelings is a great opportunity for growth, and also to help ourselves be successful.  I will call this my list of broad spectrum truths, as they tend to transcend the situation and our more part of our humanity.

Change is hard.  While this seems obvious, everything about us is hardwired for least resistance.  Even how water and micronutrients enter and exit your cells is done by utilizing concentration gradients to use the least energy.  But, success is the catalyst of motivation.  Coming to workout one day a week will get you 52 more workouts a year. That is a LOT more than zero.  Don’t expect change to be 0-100, expect 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, etc.  It takes time and patience.  Each harder choice in the right direction will make the next step that much easier.  But you do HAVE to keep walking.

This path of least resistance also forces us to possibly avoid or resist better solutions.  The short term effort is always weighted much more heavily than the long term reward.  I felt this personally while shifting to an online service, then a restricted opened business model with the gym.  I had never planned for this, and while I planned for the worst, I didn’t want to admit that online was where we were heading, even short term.  Looking back, I am incredibly thankful our team was able to successfully make that shift, especially in spite of my feelings.  

We all feel this everyday when deciding to work out.  But every single time we go workout, we always feel better after. Everytime we prepare our balanced meal, we feel better than eating junk.  As it turns out, most change, especially under pressure and adversity works out for the best.  Diamonds are after all, formed by pressure.


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