In the tech age of Fortnite ®, YouTube® and TikTok ®, kids are watching their screens more and moving less. Long gone are the days of playing outside until the street lights come on.  It is crucial for a child’s development to get up and get moving. The physical and mental benefits of fitness far outweigh a high score on a video game. For example, exposure to multiple movement patterns and quick decision making while playing with peers tap into a child’s physical, mental and social well-being. As a parent, we all want our kids to be well rounded individuals. 

So just how do we free our loved ones of their devices? Entice them with some family time.  Not only is spending time together as a family priceless but doing so while being active sets the example for your child that an active lifestyle can be fun. Go for a ride on your bikes and let your child be the leader.  Whichever way they want to go, you follow and allow them to make the calls. Or find a park and decide on an obstacle course that each family member has to traverse. Who can move through it the fastest? Why was one person faster than the rest of the family? How can we help others become more successful through the course? 

Building confidence through decision making while moving will help set your kids up for success in other aspects of their lives. Stepping away from technology and out into the sun not only builds lasting memories but reinforces that an active lifestyle is fun! 

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