1. Enthusiasm. Adults do not skip during transitions. Whether we are moving from strength to conditioning or even between movements most are skipping. Their excitement is contagious and I end up skipping as well!
  2. High-Fives. Who doesn’t love a high-five or fist bump? In class, emphasis is placed on technique over anything else and it can be hard. When a movement is executed properly or improvement has been made, we high-five! And it’s done A LOT because they are constantly improving.  I’m the Oprah of high-fives!
  3. Determination. We are all determined to nail a lift but a young athlete is so concerned about doing it right the first time that the determination is written all over their face. Their desire for progress is inspiring.
  4. Boundless Energy. They are pumped to touch a barbell, slam a med ball or hang from the rig. I have to frequently remind them to take breaks between sets as well as drink water. Everything is new and exciting except burpees.  I have yet to find a kid who loves burpees.

And my favorite reason to train with kids…….

  1. Shock and Awe. “I didn’t know I could do that!” Their expression of pure joy will give even the Grinch chills. Depending on the athlete, they will jump up and down while clapping or stand there with the biggest smile and wide eyes of disbelief. As a coach, building the confidence of an athlete empowers them to be successful in other aspects of their life. I want them to understand that through hard work, they are capable of anything they put their mind too!

Coach Sara


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