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Do you hear that in the distance? It sounds like a freight TRAIN coming through CFTC! Got your attention? Hope so…


Many of you have already taken my class and many of you have only heard about it. I want to take a minute and let you all in on the fun that is TRAIN class at CFTC.


TRAIN is offered on Sundays at 9 AM. It is a High Intensity Interval Training class that is circuit based with a boot camp flair. Athletes continuously move for 12 minutes for our warm-up. After the warm-up is complete, we walk through each station and give beginner, intermediate and advanced directions for each movement on each station. After that is complete, we move into the interval portion of class. In total you will be moving for 45 minutes and resting for 15.


With all of that being said, let’s talk about my Why. Why did I ask Coach Andrew to take this task on? Well, for one, I greatly enjoy this style of exercise and what TRAIN brings to the table. As your Coach I am bringing to TRAIN  my own past experiences with HIIT and circuit training as both an athlete and a running coach. I see a huge benefit in HIIT and circuit training. Benefits are, it’s fast, it challenges you mentally, it’s new movements, and most important it’s FUN! Yes, it is fast paced and will somewhat test an athlete’s skill level, but after a few classes you will be hooked, I promise.


In our HIIT TRAIN class, the intensity is solely driven by the athlete. Ultimately, the number one focus is to continuously move at your own pace, but always focusing on pushing through to the end of that active interval. After each interval you’re going to get a break – you earned it!

Initially, it is totally OK to take a few second’s break when you are in the active interval as you’re building up your intensity. Over time your intensity level will rise and you’ll start to notice that little “after burn” effect happening the more you do class. I want you to love what you are doing! That is what this is about.


The movements will have lateral, vertical and quick changes of direction.There will be weights used; predominantly kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls and also new equipment that some may have not used before! We will run. We will jump. We will be using our body weight. Oh, did I say, we will have FUN!


I hope this helps those wondering just what that rumble is coming down the CFTC TRAIN track. If you have questions, you know me, chat me up! I got you!


See you Sunday at 9AM!

Coach Jen








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