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Upcoming Programming Cycle and New Workouts

November 27th, 2016

Hey everyone!

At CFTC we use a phasic structure of training to continually allow our bodies to adapt to new stimuli while being able to sufficiently recover and make progress.  This past training phase is almost over and next week we start a new training phase.  With what we’ve seen in classes and with The Open coming up, we wanted to try something new.  Drumroll please!!  Our regular CrossFit (CF) classes will now have two workout options; Fitness and Performance.  The following explanations will help you get a better understanding of each so that you can gauge where you fit best.


The Fitness program is for athletes who are new to CF.  This athlete might be looking for strength, health & wellness, capacity and capability in movements.  These workouts are not tailored to the sport side of CF.  Most importantly, these workouts are for people who are interested in all the great benefits of a functional strength & conditioning program, but do not have the time or the desire to master some of the more difficult movements.  These workouts will have movements that are less demanding from a neuromuscular perspective.  They will have no prescribed weight and are less technical.

Why?  Some of the movements and positions required by our more technical movements require a tremendous amount of strength, mobility, stability, and neuromuscular efficiency.  Without time or desire to dedicate to becoming technically proficient in specific movements (like the Muscle Up) they cannot not be done safely or effectively.

Furthermore, Fitness workouts are designed to teach newer athletes how to work within different energy system domains, specifically, the aerobic, lactate and creatine phosphate domains.  Put simply, the reason CF kicks your ass is because we take multiple modalities (movements), that are normally performed solo (For example: Deadlifts), and put them together in one workout (DT, for instance, is Deadlifts, Cleans and Presses).

As a new CF athlete, your mind and body do not know how to push to a high intensity in this type of a workout yet.  It takes a LONG time—­6 months to a year—to adapt to knowing how to push your mind and body in the different energy domain workouts.  Committing to a Fitness level phase (or phases) of workouts will help facilitate your mind and body in the proper adaptation.


Performance workouts will have a Prescribed (Rx) weight, contain our more technical movements and will have an emphasis on moving to competition and/or mastery of the sport of CF.  These workouts are not meant to be more or less difficult, they are meant to be different.  A person moves to Performance not just because they have been coming to class for 6 months, but because their body and mind are ready.  It is simply a different goal.

We are making this change to accommodate all our athletes.  Since we are predominately a group fitness facility, we naturally have varying goals.  Switching to this tiered system is a way that everyone will be able to continue doing the same workouts to best achieve their goals.  We invite everyone to try whichever workout they would prefer on a given day.  You may choose to do Fitness on one day and Performance on another day. Some days will even have the same workout for both Fitness and Performance.  An example of the difference would be:


8min AMRAP
7x Deadlifts
7x Box Jumps
7x Push Press

5 Rounds for Time:
7x Deadlifts  245/165
7x Box Jumps 24/20
7x Handstand Push Ups



Note the workouts have very similar stimuli, similar ranges of motion, but a different overall feel, and therefore, goal in mind.

For our more competitive athletes this is your chance to have more competition style workouts.

For our veteran members who may not be interested in competing, this is a chance to feel out what you may need to learn in order to compete.  Or, it can even represent a little change of pace when a Performance workout comes up that’s in your wheelhouse.

For our new members this will facilitate the learning curve and alleviate the frustration that can come with our most difficult movements.

If you are ever unsure which option is best for you, our friendly coaches are always willing to help!  Just ask!
I am excited to start the next training phase and new programming style with everyone.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday!


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