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Using a False Grip

The false grip is a great tool to add to your gymnastic tool kit. It makes many ring based (and some bar based skills) easier to accomplish by creating leverage that otherwise would not be there. This allows us to learn and accomplish strict muscle ups (as well as more advanced ring skills) but also gives us some leeway in our gymnastic competence.
Without a false grip the leverage needs to come from kip, if you are not gymnastically sound or still learning, that can be very difficult. A false grip allows for a much easier transition in the muscle up, the part most of us fail on while keeping the need for technically sound kipping low.
It also develops wrist and forearm strength which will go a long way with our barbell work.

That said, how do I practice a false grip? Get ready for some discomfort. Most people avoid the false grip because of how uncomfortable it is.
You can practice on rings or a pull up bar, just doing active dead hangs, false grip pull ups, false grip rings rows and false grip arch and hollow swings.
Start with 3 sets of 5, 3x a week – You will be much more comfortable before you know it!

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