Welcome back gang.  With this third installment of weightlifting weekly, we are going to keep it real.  I have several pet peeves with weightlifters, and I think it would be better to be upfront and transparent with all my awesome readers.

Please understand that I am guilty of most of these.  I am not passing judgement, just trying to help people who may fall into some of these traps remove their heads from their rectums.  It can be easy to ignore our own faults or weaknesses in favor of the sweet siren call of a short-term new PR, but I urge you to be strong, see that monster for what it is, and believe in long term development.  What follows is in no order or preference.

  • Lack of Mobility/Improper set up or catch. Listen everyone, I get it.  Mobility is not sexy.  Olympic Lifting is sexy.  Ergo, we should lift and not do mobility to get sexy.  But that is the same siren call as above.  If you cannot do a functional or smooth overhead squat or behind the neck sotts press, or if you cannot set up with a snatch grip with your hips under your shoulders, WHY THE %^$@ ARE WE TRYING TO CONTINUALLY THROW MORE AND MORE WEIGHT OVER OUR HEADS!?!?  Your 5 pound PR where you jumped 10ft forward and caught with bent elbows does not make you a better lifter/athlete/human/crossfitter/etc.  It just makes you a stubborn, borderline lazy lifter.  Have some respect for yourself and if you share these lifts on social media, my eyes.
  • At this point I would like to remind everyone that I am guilty of at least some of these if not all of them. The next one may be connected to the first.  That is the lack of commitment to your lift.  Please understand, if you want to get better at Weightlifting, you will, at some point, NEED TO PULLL YOURSELF UNDER THE BAR.  I know it is scary, but it is not as scary as watching someone bend and contort like cirque du solei to get the bar over their noggin.
  • Always lifting heavy. Weightlifting has both speed and strength requirements.  You will never reach your full potential if you only focus on lifting heavier weights.  A solid weightlifting program will spend a lot of time lifting at approx. 70% to hammer down technique, speed, and confidence.  Lifting only at 90% or greater only breeds bad habits, slowness, and misguided weightlifters.  You’ll notice them by their taped up shoulders, and 17 missed lifts in a row.  Weightlifting is a sport of consistency.  While missing lifts is part of the game, you need to make a hell of a lot more than you miss in every session.

Whew.  I feel better.  With that, I am not one to complain without giving advice.  To correct each of these, follow the links below.  Number one is the trickiest because mobility is very dependent on the individual.  I will address three common issues: Hip/T-Spine/Shoulders.

For Pulling Under the Bar

Remember.  Weightlifting is hard and requires time, work and effort.  While the above may not be as fun as going heavy.  Your long term development as a lifter and athlete will thank you.  Keep up the awesome work, lift fast and maybe lift heavy 😊.

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