Welcome back weightlifters.  As we approach the Christmas season I wanted to talk about gifts for weightlifters.  Some of these will be very practical, and others will be more fun.  Weightlifting is a serious business and during long training sessions, even longer training cycles, with aching bodies and hungry bellies, it can be easy to forget to take it easy on ourselves and enjoy some of the little things.  Without further ado, this is my weightlifter Christmas list for 2018.

  • New Ankles. After 32 years, I just don’t think mine are going to move quite like this
  • An Eleiko Barbell. While I by no means need a $1000 barbell.  This is my Christmas list.  For those who are in the market for a bar, my advice is simple.  Don’t sacrifice too much on price, you should be around $400.  They will last, and you will be happy with your purchase.  Rogue has an amazing selection on their website.  If you are looking to be fancy, go for a bearing bar, but for many of you beginner or amateur lifters a bushing bar will be perfect.
  • New Shoes. This one speaks for itself.  How can you be ready to lift without the right kicks?  I have always been an adidas guy.  The lifter pictured above is wearing the fabled Adistars of the early 2000’s.  Those aren’t available unless you are looking on obscure Russian auctions (which if you find them, definitely buy them.  I warn you, they can see prices close to $1000 for how popular they were and for a common size.)  I have moved on to the Adipowers.  Nike makes a good lifter in the Romaleos, both will set you back $200.  For a great beginner lifting shoe, the Addidas Power Perfect has a much better price point.
  • This is for my competitors.  If you are going to lift in a sanctioned meet, you gotta show everyone you mean business.  How else then with the flashiest singlet.  Whether you want to be America as F@%#, show of your nerd side, or be the hottest lifter at the meet, there is a singlet for you.

Derrick Johnson is America as F@#$, and he snatches more than you.

  • With a good bar, some bumper plates and a squat rack you should be good to go. Not much else is very necessary.  The big thing we all need is discipline and desire to lift more.  But if Santa can bring us some extra speed under the bar, I don’t think we would mind 😊
  • Oh, and maybe some sweet wrist wraps.