Welcome to Weightlifting Weekly!  In this blog I will be sharing my love of Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Health and Fitness, moving heavy things, being silly, and having fun.  The goal of which is to share my love of these things with you and hopefully get you excited about these things as well.  Either way, I hope each read is enjoyable and without further rambling, let me take this first issue to introduce myself, my background, and why you should enjoy this.

My name is Andrew, and I am a weightlifting fan, former competitive crossfitter(read: amateur exercise racer), former and hopefully future competitive weightlifter, and current coach, gym nerd, business owner and step dad to what I have been told is a little girl, but I have met and seen a ball of sass and cuteness.

While my experience in all of these realms will play a role in this blog, I will mostly be focusing on weightlifting.  During my stint as a competitive weightlifter, I lifted at the soon to be non-existent 94Kg (206lb) weight class.  I never actually weighed that much, but I was too tall to lift at 85Kg.  Such is life.  My Lifetime best lifts are a 122Kg (268lb) Snatch(VIDEO)and a 141Kg (310.2) Clean and Jerk.  It is no small coincidence these were the qualifying totals I needed for the American Open that year.

Training for, and coaching weightlifting has been some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  It is also really, really, REALLY, hard.  The snatch, I mean.  The clean, meh.  Training these lifts and learning the in’s and outs has been a lot of fun.  I also learned some good lessons about proper lifting ratios and what to prioritize, I just learned it too late in my career.  As you may have noticed above, I was a snatch specialist.  While the clean and jerk was an easy lift for me, standing up front squats…. Not so much.  My Lifetime Overhead Squat is 5lbs heavier than my life time best front squat.  As a young stubborn lifter, I thought it was cool.  As a wise old(well, older) coach, I now see the flaws in my game.  Hopefully they will be fixed as I age into Masters, only 3 years left.

In the upcoming months I will be coaching Snatch as well as Clean and Jerk specific programs and seminars at my gym.  One thing I see many people struggle with, especially in the CrossFit universe is hitting specific positions and having appropriate timing in the lifts.  This will be my immediate focus.  As for this blog, I will be talking about that stuff.  I will also be talking about my distaste of front squats, why I am very easy going except when people call powerlifting weightlifting (I hide it well but it makes the inside of my eyes bleed), and how I love to meet and share my joys of health, wellness and throwing around steel with everyone.  Age, experience, and strength have no need here.  Just come ready to learn and enjoy.  Catch me next week!

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