As a competition or meet approaches, it is easy to start having things feel heavy in training.  You start to focus only on hitting numbers and not the process, you are tired from the previous training cycle, you are concerned with how heavy everything feels.

This can also be the case as we are learning the Olympic lifts.  We can feel like we are making progress and then the very next day think you have no idea what your doing!  It can be a very frustrating process to learn and master the lifts.

With these two things in mind, it is important to give yourself a break occasionally.  If you are constantly analyzing your every lift and second guessing you’re every feel, it will be impossible to make progress.  As you are learning as a beginner, you won’t let the speed of the lift increase if your brain is always trying to think of every next step.  As an amateur, you won’t breed the confidence needed to become consistent at your heaviest attempts

Technique is very important in weightlifting.  But sometimes you just need to grip it and rip it and let your lifting speak for itself.  Definitely continue to work towards better and faster lifts, just don’t forget to enjoy that process!