During your journey as weightlifter you will be inundated with new verbiage, squats, uncomfortable positions, lots of heavy weight, squats, kilos, platforms, squats, and maybe even some fun.  As you try to process the new positions you are meant to contort into, you also need to do it quickly, a task not for the uninitiated or faint of heart.

One of the early struggles with weightlifting is being slow.  It makes sense; speed comes from proficiency in any task.  Proficiency comes with repetition and practice.  This is also the case with weightlifting, as you continue to lift you will get faster.

But, being slow can cause its own issues within the lift.  Hesitation, poor timing, or fear of going under the bar are all related to being too slow.  To clarify, we can take our time off the floor, think about our positions and drive.  At the drive, we need to be fast.  The drive and pull under that happens in a fraction of the a second that separates the best in world.  That part needs to always be there.

You probably already know this, and if you are a novice.  Just go for it, fake it till you make it.  Have confidence in your budding lift as you continue to be quicker and quicker.  For my advanced lifters, use speed variations of lifts with low percentages, or use ancillary lifts such as the muscle or tall snatch.

In your pursuit of a better lift, always focus on technique, but when you train and lift you need to have the speed.  Force yourself to be fast in your warm ups.  Even low percentages in other lifts, start accelerating the bar instead of just lifting it.  Don’t let yourself lift complacently.  Always fast, always quick.  Be quick often and watch it become habit.

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