So why learn the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk?  It is a fair question.  Both lifts are technically difficult, requiring hours of practice.  Even then, it takes years of refinement to become proficient.  After that you still realize you are amateur at best.  It can be incredibly frustrating.

That also is what makes it wonderful.  After years of Weightlifting, I still love the challenge.  Becoming faster, getting better timing, learning to be more technically proficient.  Lifts and numbers that seemed impossible have gone over my head.  I felt powerful and strong and fast and accomplished.

It takes a lot to get a barbell over your head.  Good leg strength complimented with practiced mobility and solid technique all put to the test in one lift that ideally takes fractions of a second.  It truly is incredible.  This video shows Liao Hui, one of my favorite competitive lifters breaking the world record in 2016.  He is a 69Kg (151.8lbs), tossing 166Kg(365.2lbs) over his head.

Not only is it just fricking awesome, but it that kind of athleticism and force production translates to every athletic endeavor.  Want to have faster acceleration and hip and foot speed?  Start weightlifting.  Want more powerful hip extension and jump height?  Start weightlifting.  Want to be a better CrossFitter?  Start weightlifting.  The ability to move that fast, with that much power, support heavy loads and be mobile is an all around positive for a sport or athletic endeavor.

To become the best takes a lifetime of training, and while frustrating, even just working on bettering our own weightlifting technique and prowess will make us better athletes.  And dare I say, human beings.  The work and effort given to mastering these lifts can give perspective and appreciation that few things can.  Get out on the platforms!

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