With all the misinformation out there we wanted to put out a no nonsense and helpful resource for all your nutrition information, tips, and advice. We won’t sugar coat our info and we also won’t tell you what to do. Our mission is to give the most accurate, up to date info while providing simple to use instructions or practical application. We love questions and comments so never hesitate to reach out!

For our first post I want to keep it simple and give us a good starting spot. Most of us are looking to lose weight, tone up, etc. Basically, we want to lose extra body fat. How?

1.) We need to eat less calories then we use. In theory this is an easy one, in practice it can be much more difficult. How many calories are you burning every day? There are a few ways to find this info, we use an InBody 270, if you do not have access to a test, you can guesstimate using macros.

2.) Eat enough Protein to protect your lean tissue. This is a big one, you are made of protein and all the toned muscle is as well. After ten years I can confidently say that no one eats enough protein. It is the bees knees of weight loss. It keeps you fuller, it reduces cravings, it makes your muscles look good, and it can improve recovery. Eat .7-1g/lb of body weight. Use the lower end if you are less active and the higher end if you are more active.

3.) Use carbohydrates to fuel activity. If you are less active think about .5g/lb of bodyweight. If you are a hardcore bodybuilder think 2g/lb of bodyweight. Most of us will wall in between. Use 1g/lb on easier days and 1.5g/lb on harder days.

4.) Use Fat to fill in the gaps. It is easy to over consume fat. It is very calorie dense. Treat it as a condiment or cooking aid and you will be good to go.

5.) Find what works for you! We will be going over many different nutrition approaches with pros and cons to each. The biggest thing is finding one that you can do consistently(everyday) for the long haul(years and years).

6.) Don’t make it everything. You should eat better to improve your life not to let it become your life.

Changing your nutrition is the number one thing you can do to increase your fitness and live longer and healthier. It is not easy and won’t happen overnight. Experiment, try new things and try to enjoy the process. It will take time but it will also get easier.