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What Do I Do Next

I know I should do something, but what?

Over the last couple months we have had to adjust to a more sedentary lifestyle.  For many of us, that meant upending our current nutrition and fitness routine(or thoughts of finding one).  Now with some gyms closed, distractions everywhere, and still a lot of uncertainty, we need to focus on ourselves.  Knowing that you want to make your health a priority is the best first start.  What do we do from there?

What does success look like?

Be honest with yourself about what your goals are and what it may take to get there.  Following a few simple guidelines can help with making realistic plans.

  1. Weightloss goals should be 1-2lbs per week.  
  2. Your nutrition will play a bigger role in weightloss than activity
  3. What you are currently doing is what lead to where you are.  This change needs to be habit driven.

Now that we have some parameters, decide on your goal.  Is it being healthy enough to chase your kids?  Want a six pack for the first time in your life?  Want your back pain to stop at work?  Want to fit in an old outfit?

Find Help

The reality is misinformation about health and fitness is everywhere.  The reason is because it is hard and people want quick solutions.  Find someone who cares about your goals and will help you reach them.  

The above examples are all very different goals from different people.  Everyone is going to be at a different part of their journey, at CFTC we make sure we learn about where you are starting from, and what direction you want to head in.  There is NO one size fits all approach.

Is personal training the right choice?

Are group classes the right choice?

Do I need nutrition coaching?

These are all questions your coaches at CFTC want to answer!

Worry about your life

Our clients all love the fact that they don’t have to worry about WHAT to do.  They just have TO DO it.  We know that you have jobs, kids, families, cars, neighbors, etc to worry about.  Let us worry about making sure you are following the best fitness and nutrition plan for your goals!

Never get bored following the same old routines

Stop hitting plateaus in strength and weight loss

Never be nervous about what you should be doing, and just do it 🙂

Health and wellness can be a lot less stressful when you don’t to have worry about every choice you are making!

We want to help!

If you are looking to make and change in your health or fitness and don’t know where to start.  Schedule a free intro to tell us about your goals!


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